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Outlaw on the Coast

Updated: May 14, 2019

Greetings, Patriots.

This week, we have a double episode release.

In our first episode of the week, we ask ourselves the question, is it time to send an Outlaw to Congress? In this week's Episode of the Patriot report to Philip, Louis, and Armin sit down with New Bern Mayor Dana Outlaw to talk about his Democratic Candidacy to fill Walter Jones's seat in the North Carolina 3rd congressional district special election. The primary is on Tuesday, April 30. Explore Mayor Outlaw's candidacy at Dana Outlaw for Congress.

From abortion to the 2nd Amendment, to fiscal policy, Outlaw pulls no punches when outlining his policies; a pragmatic Democrat that would hard to put on a typical left/right spectrum, Outlaw has a bold agenda for Congress that contains Term Limits, Medicaid expansion, a 1% cut across the budget, and strong border security. Tune in to hear their entire conversation on big money in politics, the military, and more!

#nc03 #ncpol

In our second episode of the week, we travel to the Yellowhammer State with proud Alabamian Trent Kannegieter, who breaks down the current state of play regarding the 2020 Senate race, as well as the upcoming Democratic party chair elections. Also discussed are the recent immigration-related topics of the census citizenship question, as well as the increased presence of right-wing militia vigilante groups. Finally, we discuss the Mueller saga, Trump's Fed nominee Stephen Moore's previous controversial writings, as well as the latest news from the 2020 presidential campaign trail. Tune in to hear us, we hope you enjoy it! #ALSen #ALPolitics…/season-2-episode…/id1437071336…

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