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Season 3 Finale

Greetings, Patriots!

After much tribulation, we bring you the finale to season 3! We've got a double episode to share with you. In this first episode, we talk to a frequent guest on the show, Maj. Steve Woodsmall, Democratic candidate for House in the 11th district of North Carolina. We talk to him about the heated-up primary, the Great Ungerrymandering of North Carolina, and more. Join us as Maj. Woodsmall tells us about his long journey from college professor to congressional candidate. In the second half, we have in the studio numerous guests, old and new! Joining us today are former guests, Mr. Clement Darlington of Florida, Dr. Lionel Adams of Connecticut, and Patriot Report veteran and advisor Dr. William Cotton of Florida. The three of them talk to us about the current state of play and how their previous legal and political expertise informs their current views of the political situations. Topics covered include money in politics, the 2020 Democratic primary, and how the two parties can be more inclusive of all Americans.

We hope you enjoy it, and hope you come back for more next season!


The co-hosts

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