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Taking Flacc in Tidewater

Greetings, Patriots! We have another double episode for you all!

First up we talk to organic farmer, agricultural consultant, and former congressional candidate Anthony Flaccavento about a wide range of issues, spanning from the state of his two congressional campaigns, the role of Trump in polarizing rural America, how Democrats can compete outside of urban and suburban areas, as well as radical bottom-up economic solutions to power development. Having successfully transformed his hometown of Abingdon with the creation of a farmers' market, Flaccavento brings lots of policy and real-world experience to the table.…/season-2-episode…/id1437071336…

Next, we talk to North Carolina politico Zachary Balleisen about the current state of affairs in the Tar Heel State. This interview was truly a barn-burner and was extremely exhaustive, covering topics ranging from the 2020 Senate race to the gubernatorial race, all the way to state-level gerrymandering and the congressional special elections happening this summer. We hope you enjoy it!

Onward, Armin and Philip…/season-2-episode…/id1437071336…

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